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Complete Set: Generation 1 kit plus Generation 2 kit with Manual Power Screw

#20-00011 plus Manual power screw #20-03001 for use with ½ inch impact gun and #20-00012


20-00011 Generation 1 wheel bearing set, front and rear

  • This starter set makes it possible and very easy to replace front and rear wheel bearings on passenger cars directly on the vehicle in 15-30 minutes.
  • The Set comes with a fixing late that is universal for bearing removal feet. It can be used with feet to remove and replace Generation 2 and Generation 3 wheel bearings.
  • Designed to work with the hub on the car and to fit most passenger cars with Generation 1 wheel bearings.
  • Allows access when the knuckle has uneven surfaces or fragile brake shields behind the hub.
  • No more time-consuming struggle in the shop press.
  • No need for alignments or ADAS calibrations to correct thrust angle issues

Generation 2 Compact wheel bearing (HBU 2.1) extension set #20-00012

  • This highly engineered set of bearing removal and replacement tools makes it possible to replace the wheel bearing directly on the vehicle.
  • This set and method will demount and correctly install Generation 2 Compact wheel bearings (HBU 2.1).
  • The tool set has been engineered to hold the bearing correctly so during installation there is little chance of cracking the bearing cage. This is accomplished by pressing in the bearing only using the outside of the bearing housing.
  • Using a standard press greatly increases the chances of cracking the bearing cage on this type if bearing. (type 2)
  • No wheel alignment or ADAS updates are needed after replacement.
  • The full set contains several universal tools that are used for many other jobs.
  • The job is made directly on the vehicle in 15 minutes.

20-03001 Manual press rod set for use with an impact gun. Can take the place of hydraulic cylinders up to 22 Tons

  • The set comes with four different press axles for adaptation with the different tool sets.
  • All parts are dimensioned and designed for use with ½” impact gun, ratchet or wrench with a 27 mm socket.
  • The tool has excellent power up to 15 tons of force. After that blows from a hammer on the punching nut #01-00031 are required.
  • The threads are made of a very hard material and we use a special bearing that makes it possible to use a ½” impact gun with up to 1000 Nm without damaging the tool.
  • For frequent jobs on ball-joints, bushings and axle shafts our hydraulic cylinders of 18 tons and 22 tons is recommended. 



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