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Hydraulic cylinder 18 ton



  • Precision engineered, European manufactured and designed, it is an elegant brute.
  • 18 tons pressing and pulling “light weight” (only 6.2 pounds - 2,8 kg) hydraulic cylinder in a compact size with automatic piston return.
  • This is the cylinder designed to be used every day in most auto repair shops. 
  • Can be used with all our passenger car tools and carriage beams with the proper adaptor. (Sizes M10-M22)
  • The cylinder´s hydraulic pressure can be combined with a hammer blow when using the punching socket 1086-6.
  • The punching socket can be hit with a hammer to increase the pressure up to 3 times the force.
  • Punching socket is included.
  • Punching socket is handy when pressing off a rusted axle shaft. (Stroke: 50 mm)

Parts in the set:
01-00030-001 - Hydraulic cylinder 18 ton
Res 4306 - Hydraulic quick coupling
Res 4026 - Carriage beam M18/M22, 250mm
Res 1090-01-09 - Press plate M24x3
Res 4024 - Flange nut M18
1086-6 - Punching socket M22x2,5
Res 1090-01-10 - Adjustable press rod 100mm, M24
Res 1090-01-12 - Adjustable press rod 132mm, M24
01-00030-005 - Press rod
09-1090-01-11 - Lid for back end




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