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Hydraulic ball-joint puller/snapper



This Tool Dismounts Ball-Joints and Tie Rods in an instant without damaging the Ball-Joint / Tie Rod or other components.

  • This European designed and precision engineered professional tool uses 4.5 tons of force to dismount conic bolts on passenger cars and light commercial vehicles with ease.
  • The tool has been developed to eliminate damage to new front suspension systems. Today longer steel conic bolts are often fitted in aluminum cones. Dis-similar metal fittings often sit harder and can be damaged more easily than older steel versions. In areas where heat and cold are mixed with salt and sand this can be very problematic and sometimes expensive to repair.
  • The tool steel is made from proprietary alloys forged in Finland. The steel forgings have a slight amount of necessary spring to angle the force directly onto the ball joint while not allowing the hydraulic cylinder to bind.
  • The Hydraulic cylinders are made with an adaptive inner sleeve and fitted with specialized Teflon seals that maintain their elasticity for tens of thousands of cycles.
  • Simply turn the jaws over and the press tool has two different opening heights to choose from, 2.4” or 2.8”, with a stroke of 1” (61 or 73 mm, stroke 25 mm)
  • The hydraulic cylinder generates up to 4.5 tons of pressure.
  • To increase the safety the tool comes with a safety strap that prevents the tool from falling during operation.
  • The tool is powered by 700 bar (10,152 foot pounds per sq inch) air over hydraulic foot pump item # 1036 sold separately.

Parts in the set:
Press tool (04-00024-021)
Anvil tool (04-00024-022)
Distance ring (04-00024-020)
Safety strap (04-00024-011)
Cejn nipple 1/8” (RES4305)

Pat Pending No. EP17179578.4 and US Patent Application 16/021.868

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